Sunday, February 22, 2009

From Seattle to DC and Back (Part 3)

The past two weeks have really gone by too quickly; luckily I have been keeping notes of my activities since I started my internship. The amount of information I am receiving from my internship, class, and events I attend during the week are giving me the type of solid foundation in understanding trade that I was looking for when I applied to this program.

The knowledge I have gained through my internship in just two weeks really surprises me. Recently we went to an event on business opportunities in India for hi-technology and bio-pharmaceutical companies. Through shadowing with Trade Specialist I now have a thorough understanding of the practical side of doing NAFTA certification and all the details it involves. Another subject that surprised me was the depth of EU privacy rights when compared to US privacy rights. We learned about this during a presentation about Safe Harbor Certification for US companies to be EU compliant when it came to privacy rights.

I am trying to volunteer at the Maryland Small Business Development Center. The reason I am interested in this organization is currently I am interning at the US Department of Commerce in the Trade Information Center assisting small and medium sized businesses in exporting. I would like to volunteer with this organization to get an understanding of the process business owners go through in establishing and growing their businesses in the domestic market as well. Being from a family that runs a small business I believe that what is done at this organization is not only helping people realize their aspirations but also contributing to the well being of the surrounding community, which is another reason why I would like to volunteer at the Capital Region Small Business Development Center.

Nathan Gardner
Boeing Fellow
International Trade Administration
U.S. Department of Commerce