Tuesday, September 1, 2009

“Define Your Own Road In Life”: Roadtrip Nation & Federal Careers

What is Roadtrip Nation? Watch this short clip to find out:

Below are several short video clips and links to help you explore the paths of individuals who have worked for the U.S. federal government. Stay tuned to this blog for opportunities @ UW to connect in-person with federal recruiters and federal employees. You can build a great career working for the U.S. Government. You alone can define what that path, or paths, entails. The time is now. Go for it.

Former Clinton Advisor Clyde Williams about his career:

Frederick Gregory, former deputy administrator at NASA and Astronaut, offers his advice about life/careers:

My Harrison, Section Chief at the FBI, offers her advice about life/careers:

Click here to hear Wanda Sykes talk about studying marketing in college … then having a successful career with the National Security Agency for about 10 years … then taking a big risk and jumping into her now world of comedy.

Click here to hear Andrew Steele talk about his life as a microbiologist @ NASA.

Be sure to explore the Roadtrip Nation government page.  Connect with Roadtrip Nation in Nov. '09 @ UW!