Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Undergraduate Federal Internship Opportunity

SOC 494D (Sociology of Work and Organizations) offers students the opportunity to get 5 upper division Sociology credits in a seminar structure while also participating in an outside internship. Students can come in with an internship in hand, or apply for internships available through the Sociology Department. These unique, high-level internships offer a great opportunity to see how sociology connects to the working world while at the same time earning sociology credit and developing concrete skills desired by employers. Applications for these internships can be found by following the links below:

What you will do in these internships?
Depending on the internship, duties vary from intake interviewing/counseling, investigative planning, statistical analysis, research and court monitoring, just to name a few. For detailed descriptions and information on each internship opportunity, click on the links above or go to depts.washington.edu/socprac

What is the time commitment?
This is a two-quarter commitment: winter-spring ’10. Students will receive five graded credits as part of Soc 494D in winter and then can apply for 3-5 additional credits with Soc 399 in the subsequent quarter. Depending on the internship, students must commit to working a minimum of six (6) hours/week for nine (9) weeks. There is also some preliminary training required which will be coordinated after students are selected.

Who can apply?
Juniors and seniors are encouraged to apply, especially those who can show some previous experience and skills related to the duties expected of the internship (again, refer to complete internship descriptions on depts.washington.edu/socprac.)  Preference will be given to Sociology majors, but we will consider all applications.

How to apply:
We will require a short application for each position, including a one-page statement of purpose which will also serve as a writing sample. (You are certainly welcome to apply for more than one position.)

DEADLINE for APPLICATIONS: Monday, November 8, 2010.

Email Gretchen Ludwig at gludwig@uw.edu or call 206-685-6794