Friday, October 16, 2009

From Seattle to DC and Back (Part 10)

Continuing my internship with the U.S. Department of Commerce I interned at the Seattle U.S. Export Assistance Center. My internship was from the middle of June until the end of August at the Belltown office.

During the internship I assisted the trade specialists in client file management, research projects and export development programs organized by the trade specialists. Research included trade leads and organizational contacts for companies interested in exporting building and construction materials and services to Africa. For possible Export Achievement Award recipients, I made a client list for each trade specialist for future reference. For a logistics trade delegation from Singapore I research relevant trade and port statistics for Washington state as well as researching various company and trade association contacts for a networking event with this delegation.

Continuing from my internship at the Trade Information Center in Washington, DC the Seattle Export Assistance Center was an entirely different experience. Rather than focusing on country and regional economic data and forecast projects, I became involved in research for local businesses on specific commodity exporting. As intended this internship gave me a much better perception of international trade in Washington State. While doing this internship I was also taking classes at the University of Washington, this experience enhance my time management and multitasking abilities while at the same time I was able to relate my course studies and internship as they reinforced each other by both focusing on international issues.

This internship has reinforced my determination to seek a career in public service as it has exposed me to how Federal Service can work on the local level.

Nathan Gardner
Seattle U.S. Export Assistance Center (USEAC)
U.S. Department of Commerce