Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Internships in Washington, D.C. - Upcoming Deadlines and Oct 29 Info Sessions at UW

Are you interested in doing an internship in Washington, D.C.?

If yes, please join us for information meetings about The Washington Center Internship Program on Thursday, October 29, at the following times:

1130-1220pm in Gowen Hall, Room 1A
230-320pm in Denny Hall, Room 206
330-420pm in Sieg Hall, Room 224

The Washington Center (TWC) runs a full-time internship program in Washington, D.C., that is open to all UW students and provides comprehensive service, including internship placement and housing. Placements include government agencies, corporations, nonprofits and international organizations. Hundreds of UW students have participated in this program since UW's affiliation in 1977, and many have made connections that led to post-degree employment.

At the informational meetings, a Washington Center representative will be on campus to discuss the program, scholarships and the application process.

For 2010 the program cost is $5455 and the housing cost is $3,540. In addition, students pay UW registration, transportation, and personal expenses. Students may use financial aid for this program, UW tuition is charged at a reduced rate, and students may apply for scholarships.

Upcoming application deadlines are:

Spring Quarter 2010, Regular: 1/15/10
Summer Quarter 2010, Competitive*: 2/1/10, Regular: 3/12/10
Autumn Quarter 2010, Early**: 1/22/10, Competitive*: 5/3/10, Regular: 6/18/10

Spring Quarter 2011, Early**: 5/24/10, Competitive*: 9/27/10, Regular: 1/14/11

* Deadline for scholarship eligibility (Regular deadline for WA State scholarship)

** See http://www.twc.edu/students/earlydeadlines.shtml for the list of
organizations that require applications by the early deadline

Note that some established internship programs, such as the Congressional Black Caucus, may require earlier application submissions than the deadlines noted above.

Regardless of your major, there is an internship position for you. If you would like to know more, please come to an information session or contact UW's liaison, Meera Roy, at meroy@uw.edu for an appointment. Information about the program is also available online at www.twc.edu